The location is extraordinary: Villa Oleandra and Villa Margherita are situated on the western shore of Lake Como in Laglio, one of the most charming and secluded villages along that romantic stretch extending from Cernobbio to Tremezzina. These two residences are surrounded by ancient trees, vibrant-colored flowers, and the lake's water moves gracefully under the influence of gentle breezes, creating a melody with its slow lapping. The view from the room windows is exceptional, as described by the renowned writer Mark Twain during his visit in the 18th century. This place has inspired many cultural figures, including Lord Byron, the Shelleys, Stendhal, Gustav Flaubert, and many others.

History is an essential element of this complex. Traces of the two residences can already be found in the 1720 land registry. In 1834, the Stoppani family became the owners of Villa Oleandra and transformed it into an elegant neoclassical palace, following the sober style of the Milanese architect Gaetano Besia. Over time, the villa changed ownership several times until it came into the possession of John Heinz, known as the "ketchup king." In 2002, George Clooney acquired Villa Oleandra and later Villa Margherita and a former metal mesh factory nearby.

Villa Oleandra was already a perfect residence when Clooney acquired it, and he made only essential modifications, preserving the timeless atmosphere of the villa. The decor combines antique elements and Liberty style with modern pieces, and the villa exudes a timeless ambiance.
Villa Margherita underwent a profound restoration to revive its original architectural features, typical of the historic lakeside villas. The furnishings reflect history, with carefully selected antique pieces. In addition to the residences, two buildings of the former factory were transformed into contemporary spaces, including a cinema and a gym, as well as basketball and paddle courts. The garden that connects the two villas is equally captivating, with a majestic ornamental gate, an English-style lawn, a swimming pool, and a romantic cast-iron bridge that links the two residences.

In summary, this complex offers a unique experience for anyone who stays there, immersing themselves in the beauty of Lake Como. As Stendhal wrote, it is a "sublime lake" where everything is noble and delicate, far from the ugliness of civilization.